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  • 20W Power Delivery Charger
  • 1 x USB-C. USB-C included
  • Super fast charge
  • Original design
  • Carbon effect
  • International plugs: EU/UK/US
  • A20MUC

Super fast charge : This chargers recognize your devices: gaming consoles, tablets, laptop, smartphone, and charges it at the maximum speed thanks to the last generation of charge: «USB Power Delivery». Power Delivery brings more intelligence to the charger and enables the detection of the device connected to it. This allows the charger to deliver the precise amount of power needed to charge it in the shortest possible time. Ultra compact : By using GaN (gallium nitride) technology, Energizer® creates more efficient chargers. This technique reduces heat, increases power capacity, and reduces the final size of each product. This new line of Energizer wall-mounted chargers is one of the smallest on the market.

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Title Power Delivery Charger - 20W - USB-C cable included - EU / UK / US
Highlights 20W Power Delivery Charger. 1 x USB-C. USB-C included. Super fast charge. Original design. Carbon effect. International plugs : EU/UK/US.
Item color Black
Charger type Wall
Output power in W 20
Output intensity in A 4
Plug type Multi
Charger country conformity EU
Box content Charger only
Packaging material Cardboard
Weight in g (without packaging) 65
Weight paper packaging in g 17
Weight plastic packaging in g 11
Country of origin China
What's in the box
Box content Charger only
Dimensions (in mm) and weight (in g)
Packaging UL Depart. France: 4 pieces 255x200x70 mm->0.650 kg 24 pieces 450x275x225 mm->4.300 kg 720 pieces 1200x800x1270 mm->138.000 kg
Length for one piece in mm 80
Width for one piece in mm 60
Height for one piece in mm 60
Volume for one piece in cm3 288
Weight for one piece in g (with packaging) 150
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