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7 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6

Reference standard: CE 
Bare solid copper conductor 
RoHS Directive-compliant complies to PVC, PE insulation
Complies to TIA/EIA-568B and ISO/IEC 11801 
Applications: Ethernet, 10Base-T, 100Base-T4, ATM, TP-PMD SEPPCH, telephone, multimedia, trunk wiring 
Cable construction:
Conductor+ HDPE insulation + center splitter + AL-films shield + braiding mesh + rip cord + drain wire + out jacket
Conductor dimensions: 1/0.56 ±0.01mm)
Material: pure copper 
Number of pairs: 4 with ripcord
Type of jacket: new PVC/PE
Conductor: bare solid copper 
Conductor diameter: 0.57mm ±0.005mm (23AWG) 
Pair insulation: polyethylene 
Outer cable diameter: 6.5 ±0.2mm
Pair identification:
Pair 1 = 
Pair 2 = 
Pair 3 = 
Pair 4 = 
Outer jacket: PE + PVC compound jacket 
Jacket colors: black/blue
Technical characteristics:
Installation temperature: 0 to +60°C
Operating temperature: -20 to +75°C
DC resistance unbalance: 5%
Pair-to-ground capacitance unbalance: 330pF/100m 
Capacitance: 14pF/ft nominal
Pulling strength: 130N
Minimum bend radius: 4 outer cable diameters
Dielectric breakdown:1000V DC conductor to conductor
Velocity of propagation: PE=65%
Maximum skew: 45ns and 100 meters

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Cat6 FTP high speed outdoor cable
LSZH PVC sheathing 
TIA/EIA 568B for reference 
OEM services are accepted
Meters Product Number
0.25 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F0.25
0.50 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F0.5
1 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F1
2 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F2
3 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F3
5 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F5
7 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F7
10 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F10
15 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F15
20 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F20
25 Meter FTP Patch Cable Cat.6 W67C6F25
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